We want you to be completely happy with your piece. We try our best to represent what your piece will look like by providing photos of our items. If you do not see a font chart for your piece, please contact us prior to placing an order so we may upload a chart to the product.


Click here to view the letter designs for the three-initial and the two-initial monogram in different styles. Use the left letter & the right letter as a guide for your two-initial monogram. View two initial and additional monogram font designs on each product page.

Please note our fonts are copyrighted by the Hampden Corporation.


Is your name five letters or nine? Our nameplate measurements are approximate based on the name shown or measured at the time of pricing. Keep in mind that with your name the millimeter measurements may vary slightly. If you need additional characters on your piece please contact us prior to placing an order, there may be an additional fee (especially in Karat Gold) to add additional letters to your piece such as a nameplate.  


We offer a wide range of product. We like to follow the design of the product however we can do custom orders upon request. Please note capitalization, punctuation, layout and font styles are as shown in the product photos and cannot be changed unless we are contacted prior to order placement and approval has been given. Custom orders will be charged $25 for any changes to an existing style.