Who we are!

Alison & Ivy crafts one of a kind, personalized jewelry as unique and spunky as you! Inspired by the strong, beautiful & busy women in our family,
A&I jewelry highlights the best in you, even on the most hectic of days! Our custom and monogram jewelry is design driven by local artisans and
executed to perfection using precision technology. Using the finest metals and cutting edge techniques, you will be able to treasure your A&I
heirlooms for generations! A&I jewelry is made exclusively in the United States by skilled artisans in our Chicago-based workshops. 

Who you are! Who you love! What you celebrate!
Alison and Ivy is the best friend you always wanted! Wearing an Alison & Ivy creation not only exudes confidence and style, but it’s glamorous
exclusivity goes beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. We are so excited to take part in who you are who you love and what you celebrate!
We won’t laugh when you do your happy dance, we’ll join in! Whether you are celebrating a wedding, an athletic accomplishment, welcoming a
new baby, or honoring a family member, Alison and Ivy makes saying “I love you” easy. When you and your loved ones wear Alison & Ivy you’ll
keep making memories and always have reasons to celebrate.

Our Technique
We use precise lasers configured for cutting precious metals of karat gold and sterling silver.  Focused on quality, our lasers are tuned for precision
rather than speed. We know that there are other less costly, less precise options, but we don’t cut corners. Only the highest level of workmanship
will pass our six points of quality control. We take pride in knowing that we are creating the best quality personalized jewelry available in the marketplace.