Interested in having A&I donate to your event? Contact us via email at

Please include in the body of the email the following:

- how you heard about A&I 
- event details such as a description of the event including what type of event it is (fundraiser, silent auction, etc.) as well as the name, date, and who the event is for
- include social media handles for the event or the group holding the event
- whether or not you are able to tag us in photos during the event
- whether or not there are swag bags or gift bags handed out to attendees

If your event is approved, we will ask the group or person requesting the donation to email us photos or tag us in public photos of the event either on Instagram or Facebook that way we can share in the fun of the celebration! Since we are not able to attend most of the events we contribute to, we like to see through the eyes of our fans and community. We also would like to highlight what we do with the community & moms on our blog and social, so tag us so we can feature the event in our news! By tagging us, we can continue giving and participating in events such as yours. Please note if you do tag us in public posts and photos on Facebook or Instagram around or at the time of your event, we take this into consideration for any future donation requests from you and your group.

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Donations are usually monetary gift certificates off the recipient's jewelry of choice, online only at Cannot be used with other discounts, offers or promotions. Gift certificates will be a one-time use and cannot be applied to services such as refurbishing, gift cards, taxes or shipping. We reserve the right to have blackout periods and/or to have expiration dates on the certificates.


Certificates donated will have a blackout period of 2 October through 31 December due to the high volume of orders during the holiday peak time.


Are you a Blogger or Influencer and interested in reviewing an A&I piece? Contact us via email at

Please include in the body of the email or as attachments the following:

- how you heard about A&I 
- your media deck (how many followers you have, what your reach is, etc.)
- are you able to report your analytics
- are you able to provide any demographics on your followers, for example: Moms ages 28-40, etc.
- be specific in how and what channels you will post your review(s) such as Gift Guide, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube, Email blast to followers etc.
- what pieces you are interested in reviewing
- what were your most successful brand partnerships
- why you want to work with us

If the collaboration is approved, we reserve the right to select the final piece and details for review, this includes metal, font etc. We do not pay for sponsored posts, however we will work with you to drive traffic to your post/blog. We will not influence your review as we want your response to our pieces to be organic.